We’re changing our focus in 2018


Since beginning this blog in March of this year, I’ve had a blast bringing to whatever audience I can attract, sound yet not always orthodox personal finance principles.  For every tried-and-true method for accumulating and saving money – “pay yourself first,” for example – there are perhaps twice as many myths that are promoted as the gospel.

I truly believe unearthing these things for you, and demonstrating why what I’m relaying to you makes more sense than commonly accepted strategies, are the most rewarding endeavors I have ever undertaken.

But it’s time for a switch in approach, a changing of what we emphasize on BuildWealthEarly.com.  This site will no longer be focusing on financial fundamentals, although we will certainly be confirming them along the way.  And I won’t be writing about unconventional strategies, except as they pertain to one specific approach to money.

Beginning with the January 10, 2018 post – I will be taking a brief hiatus until then – this blog’s primary purpose will be to illustrate how utilizing life insurance as your primary center of all things money is absolutely in your best interest.  The type of insurance in question, dividend-paying whole life, can literally guarantee you a prosperous future of saving for retirement, college education, expenses, big-ticket purchases, and more.

Up until now, the focus has been general with plenty of mentions of DPWL but not a great deal of detail. Beginning next month, that changes.  When you have this information available to you, and I’ve properly demonstrated the numerous advantages of this strategy, you will be asking why you ever allowed yourself to be duped into believing that the federal government actually had your best interests at heart.

Oh, don’t get the wrong idea. I love America.  Our government of democracy is the greatest in the world, without question.  But collecting taxes is a big part of how the USA does the things that it does outside of the normal scope of government.  Acting as if it is seeing to your prosperity has a lot less to do with promoting your well-being, and a lot more about helping the government appear as if it is doing so.

Thank you for your willingness to hang with this website.  I hope you have benefited from the variety of material I’ve provided.  If you have, fantastic.  It’s going to get even better and certainly more specific.

And if for some reason you haven’t gotten as much from this space as you would have liked, but you’re still reading, thanks for your patience.  I’m confident you will like the weeks and months to come.  Either way, be sure you’re commenting regularly – be genuine enough to tell me what I’m doing right as well as wrong.  That said, if you believe I deserve criticism or if you take exception with something I’ve written, let me know about it.

Until 2018 then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  And thanks once again for reading.


DISCLAIMER:  This post represents the author’s opinions only.  In no way should any part of the content of this post be interpreted as official financial advice, nor does it represent an intention to solicit readers into a specific company or investment.  Results are never guaranteed.  Utilize the information as you see fit, make all money decisions at your own risk.