Truly, you CAN retire earlier than by age 65

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If you were to do research on me and my credentials in the world of personal finance, you wouldn’t find a lot of impressive-looking acronyms nor are there many lofty degrees or designations I can cite as qualifications.  I am a professional life insurance agent who, through the SOHK (School Of Hard Knocks) over the first 35 years or so of my adult life, has learned a great many simple strategies that are often unconventional yet clearly beneficial.

Heck, a few of the tactics and techniques I intend to share on this site weekly are downright opposed by the mainstream financial community.  And yet, I’m here to tell you straight-up that they are superior for a healthy, wealthy life to conventional methods such as focusing on your job’s 401K plan for savings, or avoiding credit cards under all circumstances, or buying term insurance and investing the difference.

The real truth?  You should mostly avoid government programs, can benefit from having multiple credit cards, and would be smart to make permanent life insurance a central focus of your planning.

But there’s plenty of time to dive into all of that.  And rest assured, this site isn’t about beating you over the head with insurance product pitches.  Truth is, many of you need more basic assistance before you’re ready to delve into more advanced strategies.  And I’m here to show you the way from the beginning.

While I believe the information you will find here can benefit folks of all ages, much of the content is designed to get younger adults/families off to a strong financial start.  The earlier you start saving, for example, the more benefit you will reap from the amazing wonder that is compound interest.  And seriously, starting to save in your early 20’s versus waiting until your 30’s or later can make a monumental difference on how much you can compile, which in turn, goes a long way toward determining how early you can stop working and live on what you have already – if you choose to go that route.

Bottom line:  Do these things correctly from the get-go and you could realistically retire by your late-40’s with a superior level of independence to those who are forced to wait to the traditional age 65, or even longer.

So I would be greatly honored if you’d be willing to check back to this site each week to read my latest post.  And by all means, I welcome feedback – both complimentary and critical are appreciated, as long as it’s constructive.

Thanks again for reading.

-Bob Cunningham